How will the biggest paradigm shift in martial arts history impact on you and your school?

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) phenomenon has already changed the landscape of the martial arts industry. But we are really only seeing the first set of ripples rolling into shore; the huge tsunami is still on it’s way and there is simply no stopping it. Like it or not, MMA is profoundly effecting the way the general public is thinking about martial arts and self defence. If you are in the ‘business’ of martial arts, and you want to stay ‘in business’, then you need to adapt and evolve in accordance with the demands of market forces … and the marketplace is screaming out for MMA.

Today’s public is an informed public; they watch TV, they surf the net, they do searches on YouTube, they read magazines, they’re talking, they’re e-mailing, they’re sharing opinions on facebook and myspace. An informed public knows a powerful brand when they see it … and MMA is now the leading brand on today’s martial arts landscape.

Most people are always playing ‘catch up’. Martial arts school owners are no different. Leaders in the martial arts community are already scrambling to find ways to make the MMA phenomenon work for them; they are looking for ways to best leverage themselves, their schools and their students into a position of advantage as the MMA tsunami gathers momentum on this years horizon.

Make no mistake though; errors will be made, many a wheel will be badly re-invented; many a poorly structured and badly constructed MMA classes will be taught over the next decade. Although thousands of informed school owners instinctively know they need to include MMA as part of their public offering, the majority simply don’t know where to start … but if you are serious about training and teaching; and you are a forward thinking personality, we can offer you a solution that will put you and keep you … way ahead of the pack. Alpha MMA provides answers to your questions and builds an easily negotiable bridge from the cage to the classroom…

June 28th, 2008, posted by John Will

THE ALPHA MMA program consists of:

The complete Instructor Training Program DVD set
The complete Instructor Training Program reference manual (1500 pics)
The lesson-plan manual for the 24 class rotating curriculum
IPOD or compatible MP4 player video files giving a synopsis of each of the 24 classes
A special Introductory Sample MMA class DVD
A ‘how to use this program’ document

‘Be at the forefront of the biggest paradigm shift in martial arts history …. The Alpha MMA program will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to take your school to the next level’.

ENGINEERED TO PERFECTION: The Alpha MMA curriculum has been authored by John Will who has also been engaged to design the defensive tactics and unarmed combat training packages for the Australian military, New Zealand police, Quantico marine corps, Australian Sky Marshall’s, Australian federal police and other law enforcement agencies.

CUTTING EDGE: The Alpha MMA program is underpinned by techniques and strategies that are completely new and at the bleeding edge of development.

THREE ARTS – ONE COACH: The Alpha MMA program fully integrates and marries cutting edge stand-up skills, takedown strategies and BJJ-based ground-skills to form a seamless new product. We have transcended the three-separate-coach approach.

COACH-IN-A POCKET: The Alpha MMA program has been designed with the instructor in mind as much as the end-user. Once the instructor team has worked through their development material they then use either the book, the dvd’s or the ipod media to prepare themselves for class delivery.

WE TRAIN THE TRAINER: The Alpha MMA program includes a team-focussed program that fully prepares your instructors before launching your mma classes to the public or to your existing student body.

Investing in the ALPHA MMA program will be one of the most positive experiences you will ever make as a professional martial artist. Not only will the ALPHA MMA program set you apart in the marketplace and significantly raise your earning potential; it will also serve to re-energize and motivate you personally, which at the end of the day, keeps you in touch with the passion and sense of purpose that got you into the martial arts in the first place. And where there is passion, there is longevity. And where there is longevity, there are results!

So let’s get started …

Here’s how it works:

There are a number of materials in the package – but don’t let that concern you; the process is simple, yet surprisingly powerful. As you will see. The program is divided into roughly three parts:

- A sample MMA class
- The Instructor Training portion of the program
- A 24 class rotating curriculum

These various parts are delivered in a number of ways, through both printed and DVD media. Let’s summarize how each of these components works:

The sample MMA class: This is a 45-60 minute long MMA class that serves as an example of how you will be weaving together the various aspects of stand-up, clinching, take-down and ground control strategies, into one dynamic training model. We run you and your instructors through this sample class via one of the DVD’s. This has been included to get you going right away and give you an overview of the kind of classes you will soon be teaching yourself. This Sample Class is also clearly covered in the manual so that you can review it either before or after you do the training. Note: Everything on the DVD set is replicated in the manual as a convenient reference.

The Instructor Training Program: This is the backbone of the program. Here you need to set aside some time with at least one training partner, each week, until you have worked your way through the entire DVD set (or manual). In this part of the program, we teach you all the components and skill-sets you will need to be able to start conducting cutting-edge MMA classes to either the public or your current student body. The more conversant you are with these techniques, principles and strategies, the better you will be able to deliver your MMA classes. This is something you are really going to enjoy.

The 24 class rotating curriculum: In this part of the program, we have designed 24 exciting and stimulating classes that make use of all of the techniques, principles and strategies you have learned in the Instructor Training part of the program. When you are ready to begin offering your MMA classes to either the public or your current student body, you just start with the first class and work your way sequentially, through the rotating curriculum.

New students can join in at any time, whether that be the first class or the last in the series of 24. Each class stands alone and students will eventually cycle through all 24 of them. These classes are each outlined in the class-plan manual and a synopsis of each is also provided as an IPOD-ready video file as a convenient pre-class reminder. This part of the program has been designed to take all the worry out of class-planning for you. These IPOD reminders are guaranteed to make your life all that much easier.

So how do you get started?

Firstly, remember it is important to take your time and become totally familiar with all the techniques, principles and strategies before you open up your MMA program to the public. There is no rush. Take the professional approach and do your homework first. The foundation you build now will set the tone for the future of your MMA training. A lot of work and design has gone into the creation of this program; follow it to the letter and you will be amazed at the results.

Step One: You will need to take fifteen minutes or so to scan through the Instructor Training manual; to get a feel for the type of training that awaits you and your staff.

Step Two: You will need to set aside a time for you and at least one training partner to run through the sample class. You will need a DVD player or computer on the mat and play the Sample MMA Class DVD. We will take you through your first class and give you a feel for the type of training you will be soon delivering yourself.

Step Three: You will need to set aside some regular time each week and work your way through the Instructor Training portion of the program, in much the same way you went through the sample class. You will be on the mat and working in pairs. The manual will also serve you as a reminder when you are away from your DVD player. It’s also worthwhile looking over the relevant material in the manual after you have done each DVD workout – that way you will be engaging different learning systems and will take ownership of the material a lot faster. You can take as much time as you need to complete this part of the training; it is absolutely essential to your success in the world of MMA.

Step Four: Once you have completed the Instructor Training portion of the program and you are completely familiar with all the techniques, principles and strategies therein, you will be ready to open up your MMA class.
You will begin with the first class outlined in the class-plan manual and turn the page each new training night. You can also load up the MP3 (IPOD ready) files onto your IPOD or MP3 player, if you have one. This way you can view a video reminder of each class just minutes before walking onto the mat and teaching class. This will make life easy for you and your instructor team.

Further Considerations:

It may be useful to recognize that the MMA trend will almost certainly be the biggest thing to ever hit the martial arts industry. In starting up your MMA class, you may well be planting a seed that will grow into something far bigger than you have previously imagined. So it is important to start carefully; beginnings are delicate times. The MMA culture you start out with, will set the tone for things to come. Sure, you can change things later if need be, but it’s always easier to begin with ‘one’ culture and ‘maintain’ it, than try to re-invent a new culture later on.

We also recommend that you avoid having two disparate cultures running in your martial arts school. In other words, if the students are used to bowing before entering and leaving the mat in your current class, then have the same rules apply when you start your MMA class. Maintain the respect, the discipline and so forth. You may want to seriously consider having them all wear your chosen ‘MMA’ uniform; that way there is a consistency and professional look and feel to the class that is congruent with the rest of the way you run your school. Plus, you will have a chance to sell another uniform (along with associated equipment) from your pro-shop. The students will also be keen to have their ‘new kit’ – it’s a win-win for all concerned.

You may want to start out with one class a week and open it up to the public – you may want to ‘test the waters’ with your seniors for a while before ‘opening the doors’ to the public. Everyone’s situation is unique. We predict that by the time you have gone through the Instructor Training portion of the program, you will know exactly where you stand and how you want to proceed. So best of luck – and enjoy your training. The sooner you start, the sooner you will leave your competition behind.

- John B Will
- David Meyer

June 7th, 2008, posted by admin

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